Investing $20,000 at a Time – Getting Started in Real Estate

Most people realize that one of the best ways to invest money and see high returns is to focus on real estate investing. However, many people are simply at a loss as to how to get started. I’ve found the best way for beginners is to focus on investing 20,000 at a time.

You’ll want to start on a small, inexpensive house. There are several options when considering what type of home to buy. You can find homes for sale by the owner that are not in good condition but can easily be repaired. Typically these types of repairs would be simple ones like re-painting a home or improving the landscaping.

For those who aren’t particularly handy, there is also the option of buying homes at real estate auctions. These home are often in wonderful condition and are only being sold due to foreclosure or back taxes. These types of homes can be bought for well under the market value and turned around and re-sold within weeks, or sometimes days, of the sale.

The key is focus on investing 20,000 at a time. You’ll make your first purchase, spruce up the place and re-sell it. You’ll then take the 20,000 you started with and your 20,000 (or more) in profits and reinvest in another home. As your profits grow, you’ll be able to buy progressively more expensive homes with higher returns. The key to continued success in real estate is simply to keep reinvesting and keeping your money working for you, so you can see huge returns.